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Chemical Peels

Exquisite Beauty by Gina provides expert chemical peel services to help you look your best. These services include a comprehensive exfoliating service for your skin, revealing layers of healthy and growing skin beneath the outermost layers, keeping your skin looking young, beautiful, and healthy.


Exquisite Beauty by Gina additionally applies Dermalogica BioActive™ Peel - A refreshingly new concept of peeling, formulated with the most progressive technology available that also minimizes downtime while still attaining exceptional results. A biologically active, biphasic peel that will decrease surface roughness, treat acne, reduces fine lines, fades pigmentation, regenerating new skin by production of collagen. The result is a look that's smoother and more youthful. Give Exquisite Beauty by Gina a call today and we'll show you all the services, products, and resources we provide for chemical peels that give you the beautiful skin you've always desired.



Skin Specialist, Lakeland, FL 33809
Skin Specialist, Lakeland, FL 33809