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Individual treatment - 45 minutes - $45.00

LED (light emitting diodes) Gina uses Bio-Therapeutic Technology,

bt-accent® LED equipment. 40 years ago, scientists at NASA discovered

through plant growth experiments that light therapy was a beneficial way to

repair damaged cells and speed up the healing process. This is great for

the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving uneven skin tones,

reducing pore size and brightens the skin. These treatments are

non-invasive and can assist in getting your skin back into optimal

condition. Using LED helps reduce stress hormones, boost collagen

production, and rejuvenates your skin. Whether you're suffering from acne

or your skin is aging faster than you'd like, LED light therapy can help!

Refer to the Series of 6 treatments, available at a discounted price and as

an add-on to facials and chemical peels.


Series of 6 treatments - 45 minutes - $225.00

Same service as the Individual treatment. By prepaying and pre scheduling a

series of 6 treatments, you pay for five and get one free. It is

recommended 2-3 times per week, 4-6 weeks for acne and 12-16 weeks for

anti-aging. Also available as an add-on to facials and chemical peel



LED Light Therapy - added to any facial or chemical peel - 30 minutes - $25.00

Same service as individual treatments only for less time and cost if added

to a facial or chemical peel.


LED Light Therapy



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Skin Specialist, Lakeland, FL 33809
Skin Specialist, Lakeland, FL 33809